Friday, March 9, 2012

Splatter Nails: Harder than Expected

Maybe it is the perfectionist in me, but splatter nails or as some call them, Jackson Pollack nails, are harder to recreate than I thought! I have little nails which didn't give much room for a satisfying splatter and a few times I accidentally had a big blob of polish land right on the nail. Here are the pics from my first attempt.

I did continue on to finish my entire hand, but that fumes must of gotten to me and I forgot to take pictures of them! But, trust me, I think this first nail looked the best. 

**Note that I used electrical tape, which worked out just fine for protecting my skin from wayward splatter. I was just to lazy to go to the store to buy some plain ol' fashioned scotch tape.


  1. wow, the result looks great!!!!

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    mia from HEYLILAHEY

  2. amazing idea!


  3. WOW, love it! So original!