Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hair Product Wish List

Hair Product Wish List

I've been blessed with naturally healthy hair in a color I don't mind. It is very thick and very straight, making it almost impossible for my locks to hold any type of curl. I just bought a ceramic curling wand off of Amazon that will be delivered sometime today. If it doesn't help my hair hold a curl I'm not sure what I'm going to do! I might just have to purposefully damage it a little so it holds the curl!

Anyway, I've been perusing a lot of haircare sites lately and have narrowed down my hair product wish list for the next little bit. 

(From left to right)

1. Bumble and Bumble Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme- A few of the reviews I saw of this product warned that it will make your hair feel dry and you won't be able to run your fingers through your tresses while wearing this. But, I'm okay with that if it holds some piece-y waves in place. 

2. Ojon On the Go Dry Shampoo- Travel sized beauty products are the best. You don't have to worry that you'll be wasting $20+ on some product you'll hate and never use again. I've tried the drugstore TRESemme and Suave dry shampoos and found them disappointing. My hair still looked pretty greasy after spraying and spraying and rubbing and rubbing the product in. I want to give dry shampoo another chance, but this time I'll go with more of a brand name product.

3. This beauty was spotted on Hannah Johnson's lovely article at She even has before and after photos that display the awesome-ness that is this powder. For such a low price point (around $8 depending where you get it), this product might be the one I immediately go buy.

4. Bumble and Bumble BB Prep- Even though my hair is very healthy already that does not mean I can just forget about taking care of it. My mother is a hairdresser, I've seen what overly-damaging your hair can do. I'd love to get this product to de-tangle my mess of hair and prime it to be styled. Plus, most of the Bumble and Bumble products I've been around smell pretty nice. I bet this one does too.

Any hair products you can't live without? I'd love some recommendations!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Very Pinterest-ing! My Pinterest Follow List

I'm addicted to Pinterest. Not only do I have the Laptops and Lipgloss profile and boards (which I am working on building up), I have a personal account as well. Lately, I've been bored with the random people I know and their boards. I can go whole days without one of them posting! That is not enough for my addiction. So, I get my kicks following some badass Pinsters with awesome shares. I'd love to know what Pinners you guys are following? Any suggestions that aren't on the list?

Also, if you don't know what Pinterest is, I suggest you check it out immediately. It is a image bookmarking site that is absolutely fabulous for saving anything from make-up styles, interior designs, tech tips, gardening tips-- really the list could go on and on. Go check Pinterest out, now!

So here is a list of some great Pinterest users that I've been following or have been perusing their boards:

(Click on the link to go to their Pinterest board!)

And, of course I'm going to self-promote! Follow the Laptops and Lipgloss Pinterest boards by clicking on the Pinterest badge on the upper right corner near the Bloglovin' image (follow me there too!).

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Banana Republic Rosewood Lotion

Since posting my Coach Poppy perfume, I've been thinking about my favorite scents. I love peppermint and the smell of bleach (it reminds me of being sanitized and clean!). I love musky scents, but I'm very particular about them. If they are too sweet, or too grandma, or even too manly, I'm not a fan. 

However, a few months ago my BF (once again!), bought me some lotion from Banana Republic that he thought I'd like. The store's Rosewood scent is spicy and musky, but still definitely floral. Some find that it is too sweet, but I think its sweetness emphasizes the sexy, seductive side of the the scent. I feel elegant and sexy when I use it. I've never smelled the actual perfume version, but I'd assume it smells the same. 

The lotion itself is smooth and very moisturizing, but, personally, I only use scented lotions on my hands and neck just for their smell. My skin is too sensitive for anything with scent and color in it to be rubbed on my dry, scaly patches. My boyfriend find the lotion quite sexy smelling as well!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

I've been using Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for years now. Despite the ominous dark shade when you first open it up, it applies as a sheer, yet definitely build-able, berry shade. I'm usually never without this lovely "almost" lipstick. I know I can apply it well without a mirror and that even if it does smudge, it won't be very noticeable.

I've seen that Clinique has come out with a few new Almost Lipstick Honey shades and I'm very curious to see what they look like on. 

Practice Makes Perfect . . . We Hope!

When your mani still looks presentable, but you are sick of the color what should you do? Practice nail art on it of course! I'm terrible at even just making basic dots, so today when I was feeling a little bored with my Mint Candy Apple nails, I decided to whip out a bobby pin and start dotting. 

As you can tell my pinky, ring finger and middle finger aren't that great looking. In fact, the orange on the minty color sort of looks like a spotted disease. However, I'm quite pleased with my white dots and the black-tipped french manicure on my thumb. Definitely going to add these to my to-do list. 

Also, if you are practicing don't waste time cleaning polish off your skin. When you are done just take nail polish remover, wipe off the original color and start all over with a fresh swipe of polish. Now, what color do I want on my digits for the weekend?!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My favorite perfume . . . for now.

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As of the last year, I have been using Coach's Poppy perfume as my everyday scent. It is floral, but not too heavy. Floral perfumes scare me just a little. I think of heavily scented grandmas who have a cloud of gardenia trailing them as they walk by. 

Luckily, this cutesy perfume is subtle and I've received many compliments wearing it. I love the pink and gold tones of the bottle as well. I just saw that Coach came out with another Poppy brand perfume and I'd like to go see what it smells like at my local department store.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Panasonic RP HTX7-K1 Headphones

I love electronics and technology. However, I wouldn't consider myself to be a major audiophile. I don't know the ins and outs of speakers/headsets and what creates a wonderful sound. But, I do know I love my Panasonic RP HTX7-K1 headphones. They have a very vintage, old school feel to them, but the sleek colors still keep it modern.

I was gifted a pair of these babies by my wonderful boyfriend last Christmas. I love the creamy pink color that he picked out. It is the ultra feminine version of his headphones which are traditional candy-apple red and also the exact same Panasonic model as mine. Be aware, that many stores sell these headphones for waaaay more than what Amazon has them priced out. Last time I checked they were around $30-$35 depending on your choice of color.

Essie Mint Candy Apple

As you may be able to tell, I'm a little bit of an Essie lover. I really enjoy their range of colors, formula and the size/fanning of the the brush. Today, I used Essie's Mint Candy Apple to liven up my nails and I'm thinking later tonight I might practice some nail art on top. I'd say that Mint Candy Apple runs a little thinner than most Essie nail polish (similar to my previous review of Over The Top). I used three layers (plus Seche Vite!) to achieve total opaqueness.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Servin' Up Sparkle: 1/3 of Serena William's Wimbledon Themed Nail Polish

Last Christmas my mother gave me the Wimbledon set from Serena William's Tennis themed nail polishes. Oddly, my Wimbledon set only came with two nail polishes, Servin' Up Sparkle and Your Royal Shine-ness. Most of the promos for the Wimbledon set indicated that a metallic purple color named Grape. . . Set. . . Match also came with it. However, mine didn't. Oh well, at least I got the sparkly silver ones! 

Here is Servin' Up Sparkle on top of Essie's Over The Top, a slate grey-black. I like to put Servin' Up Sparkle on top of any formula with great color, but streaky application. Unlike, the vast majority of my Essie nail polish, Over The Top was thin and streaky. It really didn't look good alone even with three layers. Servin' Up Sparkle really reminds me of diamonds or a disco ball, especially when the light catches it. 

Here are some more photos of the combo:

 With the unforgiving flash from my iPhone

Quick Target Haul

I don't live near a Target. So, whenever I'm traveling and drive past one I have to stop! Today, for roughly $5 I grabbed a Milani eyeshadow, an ELF smudge brush and an ELF 'All Over Color Stick'. We will see how they hold up!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Exciting News!

After weeks of waiting, I have finally gotten to join Birchbox! So, starting in March I will be reviewing any products I receive from them.

So, in the mean time, I have a few reviews that will be posted soon. I'm writing up a review on the new  Light/Medium Garnier BB Cream, colors #01 & #14 from Rimmel's Kate Moss collection, and working on some nail art designs! I'm also testing out Neutrogena's Healthy Skin moisturizer, but I want to give it a good month and a half before I judge it. Remember, it takes time for your skin to adjust to face creams.

I'm looking forward to the next few months and hope to get his blog completely up and running. I'm dedicated to my passions, which range from make-up to writing to tech gadgets and travel. If you have suggestions on what you'd like to see here, just let me know in the comments!



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Simple VDay Nails

I'm still working on my nail art skills, so instead of taking the chance of epically messing my nails up before my date I decided to draw with a toothpick this blobbly little blue heart on my ring finger. The pinky color is Essie's "Big Spender" and the blue is a Hard Candy color I picked up at my local Wal-Mart a few months ago. I quite like it, even if the heart is more of a dot than a heart. 

Everyday Staples

Everyday Staples

It is really nice to have products you always know you can count on. If you are on vacation and forget your make-up, you don't have to worry whatever replacement products you buy aren't going to work. These are a few of my staples that won't break the bank either. 

1. Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner- This gel pot eyeliner will last even the sweatiest dancefloors and I've even had it last a few hours in a steam-filled hot tub. I've always been a fan of a black eyeliner, even for blonde and red-heads. This is a great drugstore eyeliner buy.

2. Neutral Nail Polish- At the same time, neutral nail polish can look refined, yet stylish and trendy. My absolute favorite neutral "greige" is Essie's Chinchilly.

3. Smith's Rosebud Lip Balm- This wonderful balm cures dry, chapped lips with only one application. *Tip* Just don't leave it in your hot car like I did. I opened it up and the melted balm dripped all over my nice car upholstery. Not fun to clean.

4. Wet n' Wild Blush- So, I used to be a Wet n' Wild hater. I thought that anything so cheap could not be worth it. But, I was very wrong. For the last few months I've been using this great powder blush. It isn't an ultra long-lasting formula but it lasts just as long as any other powder brand.  

5. Neutral Eyeshadow- One must have staple, in anyone's make-up bag is the brown palette. No matter what brand, whether it be Dior or Rimmel, it is a must-have. These colors can provide a nice neutral base for a dramatic lip or liquid liner cat-eye, or it can be used for a more professional setting, like a job interview. 

6. Black Mascara- Like I said about eyeliner, I don't believe anyone should use anything but black mascara, no matter how pale your skin or hair. The blackest of lashes will always look longer, thicker and fuller. I love CoverGirl's Lash Blast. Soon, I'll post some before and afters of my own eyelashes. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Memory Card Tips

So, since this blog is called Laptops and Lipgloss, I though I would share this handy article I just read online. It is particularly helpful to me because I just had my SD card for my Nikon fail on me. Apply the article's knowledge to my own SD card issues, I'm pretty sure that I had been ruining it by deleted all the images on the card via computer or camera and not just formatting it. So, if you'd like some great tips for your memory cards, you'll want to read this article on

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pamper Your Pout

Pamper Your Pout

Not until I started to wear more lipstick did I realize just how important the upkeep of your lips is. You can't just throw on bright red lipstick and expect it to look perfect. An integral part of the ritual of applying a deep, dark true red lipstick is scrubbing and moisturizing your pout. Here are a few products to help you keep your lips kissable.

1. The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ (available at Nordstrom's)

2. Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm (available at your local Neutrogena carrying drugstore)

3. Victoria's Secret Pro Smooth FX Scrub & Balm

4. Burt's Bees- Lifeguard Choices (Be careful this stuff stays white on your lips!), Pomegranate and Tinted Lip Balm

5. Mint Julips Lip Scrub by Lush

A Sultry Valentine's Day

A Sultry Valentine's Day

This "sultry" V-Day make-up look focuses heavily on red lips, inky liquid eyeliner, and pearly understated eye-shadow. As always, remember that when you are doing a red lip with liquid eyeliner keep everything else muted. The Revlon ColorStay (which is my choice for drugstore foundation) will provide a semi-matte base that will keep all the focus on your lips and eyes.

Blush is not recommended for this look, you might start to look like a clown with that much color on your face. If you feel like you need a small swipe of color on your cheeks, limit yourself to a peachy or bronzy tone and lightly brush it right under your cheek bones, NOT the apples of your cheeks. Finish with your choice of black mascara. My lashes love CoverGirl Lash Blast.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Purchase: EcoTools

While perusing my local drugstore, I came across a little package of lovely make-up brushes with a little bit of a discount. Seeing as I am poor, but have a small beauty-shopping addiction, I had to buy it. If I'm gonna indulge in my vices I might as well quell my urges with things on sale. I also was really needing to replace my blush brush, which in all honesty wasn't really even a true blush brush. It was an old and shedding BareMinerals powder brush, but it did the job. 

Debating between a Revlon set and this EcoTools one, I decided "Hey! Why not add some more eco-friendly products in my life?" and I snatched the last discounted package up. Inside the small burlap tool-holder contains five brushes with smooth, what I think is bamboo, handle and extremely soft bristles. In fact, when I first opened the package I walked around with the contouring blush brush and just swished it around my face enjoying the texture (Yeah, I know I'm weird).

In the set, you get a nice contouring/blush brush, a concealer brush, an eye shadow brush, an angled eyeliner brush, and a "detailer" brush, which I've been using as a lip brush. So far, no complaints about any of them. I have been using the blush, eyeshadow and angled brush almost everyday. I've even started to use the eyeshadow brush more than my trusty Urban Decay Naked (1) brush that I hold close to my heart. It is really great for packing on glittery shadow like Naked's Sidecar without the fall-out. It also blends darker colors really well. In the future, when my new SD Card arrives for my Nikon, I'll post some better photos of the brushes and their application results. For now, you'll just have to make due with my iPhone's snapshots. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fresh Faced Valentine's

Fresh Faced Valentine's

Valentine's day date night make can go two ways: sultry or pinky and fresh. I think this year I'm going to try out a more sultry look, but more on that later. These are my picks for a 2012 fresh faced V-Day date.

1. Start of with a nice base of Garnier's new drugstore BB Cream (I will be posting a review this product in a few days).

2. Pat on some of Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush (Which is a review is also in the works) on to the apples of your cheeks.

3. Use Maybelline's MasterShape brow pencil to shape and darken in your brows, then smudge a nice layer of Maybelline's new Color Tattoo in "Bold Gold".

4. Dab and blend on Benefit's High Beam highlighter onto to your cheek bones and right below the arch of your eyebrow and softly blend the product so it tapers off where your brow does.

5. Slap on some moisturizing Burt's Bee's tinted chap-stick in "Rose" (Keep it in your purse to reapply, this stuff doesn't have a lot of color staying power).

6. Add some subtle pinkish sheen with Essie's "Ballet Slippers" on your digits and you are ready for a night with your significant other!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seche Vite: The Best Topcoat Ever

Seche Vite is the secret ingredient atop many glossy manicures. I've only recently started to use it on my own nails. It provides a strong, almost unchippable, layer that really protects your handiwork. This may not be the best way to take your polish off, but Seche Vite also tends to make your nail polish peel off. It's probably best to still use nail polish remover, but at least you will be able to get your polish off in a bind.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Soon to be reviewed…

Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick #01 & #14