Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Purchase: EcoTools

While perusing my local drugstore, I came across a little package of lovely make-up brushes with a little bit of a discount. Seeing as I am poor, but have a small beauty-shopping addiction, I had to buy it. If I'm gonna indulge in my vices I might as well quell my urges with things on sale. I also was really needing to replace my blush brush, which in all honesty wasn't really even a true blush brush. It was an old and shedding BareMinerals powder brush, but it did the job. 

Debating between a Revlon set and this EcoTools one, I decided "Hey! Why not add some more eco-friendly products in my life?" and I snatched the last discounted package up. Inside the small burlap tool-holder contains five brushes with smooth, what I think is bamboo, handle and extremely soft bristles. In fact, when I first opened the package I walked around with the contouring blush brush and just swished it around my face enjoying the texture (Yeah, I know I'm weird).

In the set, you get a nice contouring/blush brush, a concealer brush, an eye shadow brush, an angled eyeliner brush, and a "detailer" brush, which I've been using as a lip brush. So far, no complaints about any of them. I have been using the blush, eyeshadow and angled brush almost everyday. I've even started to use the eyeshadow brush more than my trusty Urban Decay Naked (1) brush that I hold close to my heart. It is really great for packing on glittery shadow like Naked's Sidecar without the fall-out. It also blends darker colors really well. In the future, when my new SD Card arrives for my Nikon, I'll post some better photos of the brushes and their application results. For now, you'll just have to make due with my iPhone's snapshots. 

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  1. I have that set too ! I use the contouring brush as a general powder brush cause I find it a bit too soft in comparison to my mac or sigma brushes. But for the price, the set is lovely ! I always use the eyeshadow brush too ! It's great x