Saturday, February 25, 2012

Banana Republic Rosewood Lotion

Since posting my Coach Poppy perfume, I've been thinking about my favorite scents. I love peppermint and the smell of bleach (it reminds me of being sanitized and clean!). I love musky scents, but I'm very particular about them. If they are too sweet, or too grandma, or even too manly, I'm not a fan. 

However, a few months ago my BF (once again!), bought me some lotion from Banana Republic that he thought I'd like. The store's Rosewood scent is spicy and musky, but still definitely floral. Some find that it is too sweet, but I think its sweetness emphasizes the sexy, seductive side of the the scent. I feel elegant and sexy when I use it. I've never smelled the actual perfume version, but I'd assume it smells the same. 

The lotion itself is smooth and very moisturizing, but, personally, I only use scented lotions on my hands and neck just for their smell. My skin is too sensitive for anything with scent and color in it to be rubbed on my dry, scaly patches. My boyfriend find the lotion quite sexy smelling as well!

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