Friday, April 6, 2012

My sad, little, ombred easter eggs

When you don't live with your parents you tend to forget to do all the little holiday thing you did as a child. In the last 4+ years that I've been living out of my parent's home I haven't dyed any eggs for Easter. Not one little egg. Last year I tried to-- I even bought a little egg tie-dye kit! Today I remembered I had that little kit stashed in the back of one of my kitchen draws and decided to try it out.  

The tie-dye process seemed a little flawed to me. Using one egg at a time, you popped those hard-boiled suckers in to a plastic baggy then dripped a few drops of one color of dye in. Then to get another color you switched bags and repeated the process. I ended up getting dye everywhere anyway, so I just used my fingers by my second egg. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll buy one of these weird kits again. I'm just going to stick to the old-fashioned dip-dye.

I tried to create an ombre effect on the two eggs below. They are probably my favorite out of my measly batch of four dyed eggs.

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  1. Those last two are gorgeous! What a great idea - thank you for sharing :)