Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garnier BB Cream Review

A couple months ago I was lured into the promise of a great drugstore BB cream. Due to my college finances, I had been unable to purchase some of the other, more expensive BB creams. I ran to my local grocery store and picked up Garnier Skin Renewal Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in light/medium.

***Disclosure: My skin is probably at the worst it has been for a few months. I do not contribute this to the Garnier BB Cream but more that I've got uber loads of stress from school combined with some bad food habits!***

  At first, I thought the formula made me way too greasy and I mean GREASY! Seriously, when I put it on my face looked like an oil-slick. I was let down. I had all my hopes on a drugstore BB cream and I didn't like it. But, I tried experimenting. I put a little bit of Revlon Colorstay foundation around my chin and nose (the oiliest and most acne prone part of my face) and then dusted the rest of my face with a little translucent powder with my fluffy Sephora powder brush. I also started using a flat foundation brush to blend the Garnier BB cream into my skin. It seemed to help the formula be less shiny, although I still definitely needed powder afterwards.

This little combo of foundation products did the trick! I didn't look so oily anymore even though the process took a little more time than I wanted. Using a BB cream was supposed to take time out of my morning routine, not add to it. Throughout the day whenever I glanced in a mirror I noticed my skin was still looking fresh and clear. When I was just using my Revlon Colorstay my foundation melted off my oily face within a few hours, but the combo with Garnier's BB cream it was staying on all day long, like into the nighttime bar hoping long.

So far, I'm still doing my little foundation combo. On days where I am just running errands or hitting the gym and don't care if people see my acne, I just use the Garnier BB cream. So, so far, I'm going to keep using Garnier, but the moment I have some spare cash I'm going to grab some Clinique or Dr. Jart++ BB cream. I want to invest in a BB cream that is just more than a tinted moisturizer with SPFs. I'm hoping my next BB cream has more of the skin benefits that BB creams are supposed to have, i.e. anti-fine lines/aging, skin clearing/evening, moisturizing without greasiness, etc.

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  1. That's nice natural coverage! I keep seeing this stuff in magazines...may have to give it a try!

    Dressed and Fed

    1. Natural coverage is so nice. I hate cake face! It isn't a bad product and at only $11-$12 it really is worth trying!

  2. Amazing ! I usually switch to a tinted moisturizer or go bare skinned in the summer but since all this BB cream rage, I'd probably going to head down that road since it has tons of benefits. Would love to hear your review on the next cream you plan to buy :)
    Shubana @ Coeur Decors